Welcome Letter

from Pastor Alex

October 30, 2019

Hi Youth and Parents!

Thank you for attending our Journey “Advocates” Kickoff Meeting this past Sunday October 27th!

We discussed quite a few things, so I thought it’d be great to compile everything into a quick reference guide, which you can find in the following pages, as well as on rcacyouth.ca

Personally, I have a couple of goals for our participant families. First, my aim is to help partner families engage in meaningful Bible studies on a regular basis. I think it’s so important for parents to disciple their children, and to do it as families gathered together. This is what a meaningful Christian community looks like – engaged and committed to God’s Word (Acts 2:42).

Secondly, I love that our youth and young adults are encouraged to commit God’s Word to memory. And furthermore, I hope to help our students understand His Scripture meaningfully so that - as Pastor Tim Keller put it - they intimately understand they are “more sinful than they ever dared imagine, but more loved and accepted by Christ than they ever dared hope.” This is the good news we have in Christ Jesus.

Third, I would love to help parents engage in the program. Parents and partner parents play a vital role in the Journey Advocates program. If you don’t understand the material, how can we expect our youth to? If you’re not showing curiosity towards God’s Word, how can we encourage our youth? We hope all parents will be just as invested in learning the material and asking questions as our youth will be this year.

The AWANA Journey “Advocates” Program gives us a great tool to use in our aim of family discipleship. I’m so thankful for all their hard work in creating this curriculum, and for Job Lee’s hard work of guiding us through this program.

We have created a reference guide in the following pages to help our families complete this program together for the 2019/2020 academic year.

Please reference the guide regularly as you participate in the program so we may all support one another as best we can.

Thank you for committing to this important opportunity for family discipleship!

Alex Poon

Pastor of English Youth and Young Adult Ministries