Journey at RCAC

2020-2021 Reference Guide

This year's book: Disciples

Each of the 32 Lessons on the theme of discipleship are divided into 7 days:

Day 1: Intro Experience

Day 2: Video & Core Verse

Day 3: Core Content

Day 4-5: Exploration

Day 6: Action Plan

Day 7: Citation Track

Guidelines and Expectations

Our hope is to engage all families to participating together. We would love for all youth and parents to know there are others who are on the same journey as they are.

For example, if a youth is having trouble engaging their parents in the conversation, that youth has the opportunity to seek advice from their peer. If a parent struggles with understanding the conversation, maybe that parent can ask for help from another parent.

Our aim is to have all families participating together, studying together and engaged together. In order for this to happen, we have a few expectations and guidelines:

  1. The Journey Program supplements our English Youth and Young Adult Ministries. We look forward to engaging all students in regular worship, fellowship, and in Christian education.

  2. Partner families meet together with a goal of once a week, at a minimum of twice a month. A schedule has been created to help you keep on track.

  3. Complete as partner families: Day 2 (Video and Core Verse), and Day 7 (Citation Track Checklist)

    • We understand that this is a big ask. Finding time to meet together will require some effort. We hope you see the value in families joining families to study God’s Word. Our suggestion is to find some unique methods of meeting together. Perhaps an online video chat, a group phone call, sharing a meal together… etc.