How to Complete Day 2

Video and Core Verse

Here's how a meetup with your family could look like. This should take around 30 minutes to complete.

1. Pray

Pray as families for God’s guidance as you study His Scripture together!

(3 mins)

2. Watch

Watch the lesson video. The link is listed on the Day 2 page.

(about 5 mins)

3. Read

Read the lesson’s core verse. For a fuller understanding, read the entire chapter of Scripture.

(2 mins)

4. Engage

Engage in a great Bible study conversation! Remember, our goal is to help parents and youth understand the core verse together.

(15 mins)

Engage: Going Beyond Just Reciting

As gathered families, using the Core Verse, slowly ask the following questions:

  1. What main point does the author want you to know from this passage?

  2. What words do you not understand? Look them up together.

  3. What sin is being highlighted in this passage?

  4. How does this passage highlight the good news we have in Jesus Christ?

  5. How does this passage make a difference in the way you live?